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This page contains presentations given at the 2013 ISEST Workshop. The 2013 ISEST Workshop was held in June 17-20, 2013, Hvar, Croatia. Here is the link to the meeting website

Monday, June 17

Introduction to SCOSTEP/ISEST-Jie Zhang
Instroduction to SCOSTEP/MiniMax-Manuela Temmer
Drag Based Model for ICME Propagation-Bojan Vrsnak
Eruptive Flux Rope Model for ICME Evolution-Jie Zhang
Connecting Remote and In Situ Observations of 22 Coronal Ejections from the Sun to 1 AU-Christian Moestl
Helio Weather Project and Numerical Simulation of Multi-CME Events-Dusan Odstrcil
Could the Collision of CMEs in the Heliosphere be Super-Elastic-Fang Shen
Statistical Analysis of Magnetic Cloud Erosion By Magnetic Reconnection-Alexis Ruffenach
Solar Eruptions Observed by the Atmospheric Imaging Assembly-Ewa Chmielewska
ARTEMIS II: A Second Generation Catalog of LASCO Coronoal Mass Ejections-Philippe Lamy
Estimating the Arrival Time of Earth-Directed CMEs at In Situ Spacecraft Using COR and HI Observations from STEREO-Nandita Srivastava
Interaction Process of the CME-CME Event from February 14-15, 2011-Manuela Temmer
Deflected Propagation of the 2008 September 13 CME in the Heliosphere-Chenglong Shen
Do We Need to Correct Projection Effect for halo CMEs in Terms of Space Weather Forecasting?-Yuming Wang

Tuesday, June 18

3-D Geometry, Profiles of B(1 AU) and CME Arrival Time-Valbona Kunkel
Alert System for Arrival and Geo-Effectiveness of CMEs-Andy Devos
Magnetic Storm Generation by Various Types of Solar wind; event catalog, modeling and prediction-Nadia Nikolaeva

Wednesday, June 19

Comparison of the Drag Model, ENLIL Model and Observations for the July 12, 2012 CME+Shock Event-Phillip Hess
The Mega CME of July 2012-Benoit Lavraud

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