Class Notes


George Mason University   

ASTR 111
Session: 003
Introduction to Modern Astronomy I

  Fall Semester,  2006

Examinations (last Modified: Dec. 19, 2006)

For all exams,

  1. Please bring with you photo-ID
  2. Please bring with you a PARSCORE light-green scantron. The scantron should be purchased as the university bookstore. There are two kinds of PARSCORE green scantron: light-green and dark-green. Only the light-green is accepted in the exams
  3. Closed book, closed note
  4. No calculator is needed
  5. For in-class exam, lecture will resume at 8:45 PM. Please do not leave after the exam.

Final Grade

Final Exam

Exam 3

Exam 2

Exam 1

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