Creating A New Event Page

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Any registered user can create a page for a new event that is not currently in the ICME wiki. To do this, first go to the The ISEST ICME List and go to the section for the year of the event.

Each year has its own section with a header, and on the line of this header will be a link marked edit, click this link and you will see the unformatted ICME list wiki page.

Find the appropriate time for your event (please help us in keeping everything chronologically ordered) and type:

[[MM/DD/YYYY HH:MM:SS UTC]] <br \> with the appropriate date and time for your event and click on save page. This will create a link to a page for the event.

By now you should be returned to the actual ICME List. Find the event you have just entered in, and it should appear as a red link.

By clicking on the red link to your event, you will create a blank page for that event and may begin uploading data. For help in uploading data of different types, see Uploading Data and for help with wiki formatting on the page see Wiki Formatting Guide.

To keep things consistent, please copy the form and style of other event pages

For any questions or comments on this process, email Phillip Hess at