11/19/2007 17:00:00 UTC

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Comment Section

  • A short duration magnetic cloud (~12-hour-long) embedded in a CIR
  • Solar source is not clear; need more work to identify the source.
  • ICME event started at 2007/11/19 17 UT, not 24 UT as shown in the plot
  • The possible (but problematic) CME candidate from CDAW: 2007/11/15 18:50:04 UT, PA 279, AW 199, Vel 125 km/s, a faint gradual partial halo CME
  • Where is the surface source? A possible "stealth" CME?

Ying Lui recommends studying this as an Earth-directed CMEs before 2011, or when the two STEREO spacecraft were ahead of the Sun relative to Earth. This is because heliospheric imaging greatly aids our tracking of the CMEs from Sun to Earth. This 2007 November 14-20 event/period is a good candidate. [Added by D. Webb]

Image Data

In-Situ Data

A combination of SWEPAM and MAG data from the ACE Satellite:
Plot sw mag plasma 2007111900.png Plot sw mag 2007111900.png Plot sw vel 2007111900.png
The blue lines are an approximation of the CME cloud and the red line denotes the shock.

Video Data


  • compression of the magnetic cloud through a high speed stream (Rouillard et al. paper)