05/28/2010 21:00:00 UTC

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Comment Section

  • A "well-behaved" CME-ICME event
  • Two consecutive halo CMEs originated from the Sun from almost the same region, one at ~ 18 UT, May 23, and the other at ~ 14 UT, May 24. The question is we should expect to find two consecutive ICMEs at 1 AU, as well as in SECCHI HI observations. Is this kind of double CMEs showing up?

Image Data

In-Situ Data

A combination of SWEPAM and MAG data from the ACE Satellite:
Plot sw mag plasma 2010052700.png Plot sw mag 2010052700.png Plot sw vel 2010052700.png
The blue lines are an approximation of the CME cloud and the red line denotes the shock.

Video Data


  • Lugaz, N., Farrugia, C. J., Davies, J. A., Möstl, C., Davis, C. J., Roussev, I. I., & Temmer, M. (2012). The Deflection of the Two Interacting Coronal Mass Ejections of 2010 May 23-24 as Revealed by Combined in Situ Measurements and Heliospheric Imaging. Astrophysical Journal, 759(1), 68. doi:10.1088/0004-637X/759/1/68