05/21/2007 21:00:00 UTC

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Comment Section

  • Perhaps due to the location of the spacecraft, I cannot see anything in STEREO to cause the ICME. I also see no significant Halo CMEs in LASCO during the days leading up to the in-situ signature. The Ying Liu paper listed in the reference section dealt only with the in-situ data, so I am not sure about the CME connection for this event. (Hess)
  • Three density peaks seemed to correspond to (1) sector boundary, (2) small ejecta, and (3) CIR interface, respectively (Jie Zhang)

Image Data

In-Situ Data

A combination of SWEPAM and MAG data from the ACE Satellite:
Plot sw mag plasma 2007052000.png Plot sw mag 2007052000.png Plot sw vel 2007052000.png
The blue lines are an approximation of the CME cloud and the red line denotes the shock.

Video Data


  • compression of the magnetic cloud through a high speed stream (Rouillard et al. paper)
  • Liu, Y., Luhmann, J. G., Huttunen, K. E. J., Lin, R. P., Bale, S. D., Russell, C. T., & Galvin, A. B. (2008). Reconstruction of the 2007 May 22 Magnetic Cloud: How Much Can We Trust the Flux-Rope Geometry of CMEs? Astrophysical Journal, 677(2), L133–L136. doi:10.1086/587839