03/30/2011 01:00:00 UTC

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Comment Section

  • A slow ICME with extremely long duration as seen at 1 AU
  • Seems an excellent example of the so-called "global" CME, or longitudinal extended CME (Jie)
    • COR2 A: symmetric above both east and west limbs along the equator, indicating a global feature
    • COR2 B: same as COR2, symmetric above both limbs
    • Combining COR2 A and B, it seems a global CME, surrounding the entire solar equator
    • Also a "stealth" CME: Need to check AIA and EUVI data to confirm the source
    • There is no apparent halo-like feature as seen from LASCO

  • Is the CME over-expanding (Gosling et al. )? pressure profile needed

In-Situ Data

A combination of SWEPAM and MAG data from the ACE Satellite:
Plot sw mag plasma 2011032900.png Plot sw mag 2011032900.png Plot sw vel 2011032900.png
The blue lines are an approximation of the CME cloud and the red line denotes the shock.


20110325 goes.png

The GOES X-ray Flux of the flare associated with the event. The vertical line approximately denotes the flare peak time.

Video Data