01/24/2012 14:36:00 UTC

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Comment Section

  • Very Powerful, fast CME eruption from NW section of the disk around 04:00 on the 23rd, that sent a shock, sheath region and possibly a flank of CME to the Earth. Strong M Class flare from AR 11402, but there were a number of active regions nearby that could have played a role in the eruption. LASCO images and the plasma data gap in ACE indicate strong SEP production. (Hess)

Image Data

In-Situ Data

A combination of SWEPAM and MAG data from the ACE Satellite:
Plot sw mag plasma 2012012400.png Plot sw mag 2012012400.png Plot sw vel 2012012400.png
The blue lines are an approximation of the CME cloud and the red line denotes the shock.

Video Data