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CSI 662 / PHYS 660  --   Fall, 2009
Introduction to Space Weather

Dr. Jie Zhang


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Reference Books:

  • Text Book (required):   "Space Physics: An Introduction to Plasma and Particles in the Heliosphere and Magnetosphere", third edition, 2004, by May-Britt Kallenrode, Springer (ISBN: 3-540-20617-5) 
  • "Physics of the Solar Corona", 2006, by Markus J. Aschwanden, Praxis Publishing (ISBN: 3-540-30765-6)   --- supplement on solar atmosphere, solar magnetism, flares and CMEs; graduate level
  • "Physics of the Earth’s Space Environment: An Introduction", 2002, by Gerd W. Prölss, Springer (ISBN: 3-540-21426-7) --- A good supplement on magnetosphere and ionosphere; graduate entry level
  • "Introduction to Plasma Physics: With Space and Laboratory Applications", 2005,  by Donald A. Gurnett and Amitava Bhattahcarjee, Cambridge (ISBN: 0-521-36483-3) --- supplement on plasma physics and magnetohydrodynamics; graduate entry level
  • "Physics of Space Environment", 1998, by Tamas I. Gombosi, Cambridge University Press (ISBN: 0-521-59264-X) --- supplement on advanced theoretical aspect; graduate advanced level
  • "Space Weather: Physics and Effects", 2007, by Volker Bothmer and Ioannis A. Daglis, Springer (ISBN: 3-540-23907-3) --- supplement on the state-of-the-art research on the space weather science.
  • "Introduction to Space Environment", 1994, by Thomas F. Tascione, Krieger Publishing Company (ISBN: 0-89464-044-5) --- contents organized in a similar way as Kallenrode, but somewhat not up-to-date; senior undergraduate level
  • "The Sun from Space", 2nd edition, 2009, by Kenneth R. Lang, Springer (ISBN: 978-3-540-76952-1) --- supplement on conceptual understanding of the space weather with an emphasis on the Sun; undergraduate level
  • "Space Weather, Environment and Societies", 2006, by J. Lilensten and J. Bornarel, Springer (ISBN: 1-4020-4331-7)  --- supplement on entry level understanding of the space weather and its effect on society; undergraduate level
  • "An Introduction to Space Weather", 2008, by Mark Moldwin, Cambridge (ISBN: 978-0-521-86149-6)  --- supplement on conceptual understanding of the space weather, short summaries; undergraduate level, non-science major