Astronomy 113, Session 003

Review Topics on Exam 3, which takes place on April 26, 2006


       Chap. 25 --- Our Galaxy

o      Sunís location in the Galaxy; interstellar extinction; globular cluster

o      Shape of the Galaxy;disk, central bulge, and halo

o      Spiral arms; radio observation at 21 cm; HI; star forming regions

o      Nature of spiral arms; density waves

o      Dark Matter; rotation curve

o      Galaxy Center; Sagittarius A radio source


       Chap. 26 ---Galaxies

o      Distance to other galaxies; Cepheid variables

o      Galaxy classifications; spiral, barred, elliptical, irregular galaxies

o      Distance ladder; parallax, spectroscopic parallax, RR Lyrae variable, Cepheid variable, Type 1a supernova

o      The Hubble Law; redshift of galaxies

o      Galaxy clusters; superclusters

o      Distribution of galaxies; filaments, voids

o      Galaxy collision; tidal force

o      Dark matter; gravitational lensing; rotaton curve

o      Galaxy formation; spiral and elliptical galaxies


       Chap. 27 --- Quasars, Active Galaxies and Gamma-Ray Bursters

o      Quasars; redshift; distant distribution

o      Quasars are centers of active galaxies

o      Seyfert Galaxies; radio galaxies; jets; synchrotron radiation

o      AGN (active galactic nuclei); blazers; super-luminous motion

o      Super-massive black hole; Eddington limit

o      Unified theory of active galaxies

o      Gamma-ray Bursters


       Chap. 28 --- Cosmology: The Origin and Evolution of the Universe

o      Olbersís paradox

o      Expanding universe; cosmological redshift

o      Big Bang; Age of the Universe; Cosmic light horizon

o      Cosmic microwave background radition

o      Mass density; evolution of mass density

o      Era of recombination; primordial fireball

o      Three types of universe: close, flat, and open; our universe is flat

o      Dark energy