Astronomy 113, Session 003

Review on Exam 2, which will be taken on March. 29, 2006


       Chap. 21 --- Stellar Evolution: After the Main Sequence

o      Main sequence life time

o      Red Giants

o      Helium fusion and helium flash

o      Stellar evolution in a cluster; Turn-off point

o      Population I and Population II stars

o      Cepheid variable; Period-luminosity Relation

o      Mass transfer in binary system; Roche lobe


       Chap. 22 --- Stellar Evolution: The Deaths of Stars

o      Horizontal-branch

o      Asymptotic giant branch

o      Carbon stars

o      Planetary nebula

o      White dwarf stars

o      Chandrasekhar limit

o      Supergiants and its onion core

o      Supernova explosions

o      Type 1 and Type 2 supernovae


       Chap. 23 --- Neutron Stars

o      Neutron stars

o      Pulsar

o      Modeling pulsar

o      What powers the Crab Nebula?

o      Pulsar slowing and glitches

o      Millisecond pulsar

o      X-ray Burster

o      Novae


       Chap. 24 --- Black Holes

o      Two principles of special theory of relativity

o      Length contraction and time dilation

o      General theory of relativity

o      Equivalence Principle

o      Gravitational red shift

o      Black holes

o      Supermassive black holes

o      Singularity and Event Horizon

o      Schwarzschild radius