Event 1998/01/25

                First appearance in C2:                  15:26 UT
                Average velocity in C2/C3:            693 km/s
                Average acceleration in C2/C3:  -7.4 m/s/s
                Position angle in C2:                       halo
                Angular width in C2:                      360 degree
                First appearance in C1:                  14:29 UT
                 Magnitude:                                         C1.1
                 Onset Time:                                       14:29 UT
                 Peak Time:                                          15:23 UT (officially 15:12 UT is wrong)
                 CME final speed:                               692.3 km/s
                 Flare rise time:                                  54.0 min
                 CME acceleration in rise phase:    213.7 m/s/s
        Source Region:
                  N21E25, possibly NOAA 8144 (a diffuse AR)
                  Impulsive event
                  EIT: rising started at 14:19 UT, dimming and possible filament
                  EIT: following ejection, brightening, wave, dimming and good post-eruption arcade
                 C2: a week halo component plus a narrower bright ejecta component
                 GOES: the peak time shall be 15:23 UT instead of official 15:12 UT

CME Height-Time measurement data (03/02/06)

CME measurement timing versus flare

CME Height-Time, flare plot

CME Velocity-Time, flare plot

Sample Images

Sample Images: post-eruption loop arcade in the high corona