Event 1998/01/02

                First appearance in C2:                  23:28 UT
                Average velocity in C2/C3:           397.3 km/s
                Average acceleration in C2/C3:  10.8 m/s/s
                Position angle in C2:                       296 degre
                Angular width in C2:                      halo
                First appearance in C1:                  23:17 UT
                 Magnitude:                                         B6.4
                 Onset Time:                                       23:25 UT
                 Peak Time:                                         02:25 UT (next day)
                 CME final speed:                               397.3 km/s
                 Flare rise time:                                  170.0 min
                 CME acceleration in rise phase:    39.0 m/s/s
        Source Region:
                  N22W38, NOAA 8126
                  intermediary type CME, post-eruption EIT loop arcade, large scale restructuring and eruption in neighbouring region following, 2 CME C1 measurement may not be accurate (discarded)

CME Height-Time measurement data (02/06/07)

CME measurement timing versus flare

CME Height-Time, flare plot

CME Velocity-Time, flare plot

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