Event 1997/05/25

    CME (C2/C3):
                First appearance in C2:                  14:48 UT
                Average velocity in C2/C3:           684 km/s
                Average acceleration in C2/C3:    -2.4 m/s/s
                Position Angle in C2:                     93 degree
                Angular width in C2:                     82 degree
     CME (C1):
                First appearance in C1:                  14:15 UT
                 Magnitude:                                        B6.5
                 Onset Time:                                      14:25 UT
                 Peak Time:                                       15:00 UT
                 End Time:                                        15:52 UT
                 CME final speed:                              683  km/s
                 Flare rise time:                                   35 min
                 CME acceleration in rise phase:        325.4 m/s/s
        Source Region:
                  ~ S28E50, AR 8046
                  EIT: 14:01 UT, dimming started at ~ S28E50, AR 8046
                  EIT: extensive/large scale EIT dimming and wav             
                 SXT: 10:54 UT, flare right at the limb at PA ~ 250

CME Height-Time measurement data (02/01/04)

CME measurement timing versus flare

CME Height-Time, flare plot

CME Velocity-Time, flare plot

Sample Images